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An evening highlighting the culinary gold uncovered beneath the rustic Pacific Northwest terrain.


The elegant evening began with a lovely reception held freely throughout West Restaurant, with introductions, conversations, glasses of brut, and trays of truffle foie gras, lobster and seaweed salad and chorizo stuffed honey mussels floating around—not often full for very long.  


Once we were seated, a very light and flavourful Diver Scallop Crudo, with a white Oregon truffle marinade, emerged from the kitchen, paired with a beautiful champagne. Next, and such a favourite, was a dish of free range hens eggs—so often a traditional ingredient alongside truffles, we learned that night, and every bit as textural and flavourful as imagined. To be paired with the eggs, were shaved black truffles in truffle butter. 


Next, and increasing in richness, was the Smoked Yukon Gold Potato Ravioli, which was wonderfully intermingled with a white Oregon truffle puree, and morel mushroom essence. And to be sure, there wasn’t a nose around the restaurant that wasn’t tickled with delight. The height of the dinner, though, was incomparably the chicken dish that followed. A Truffle Crusted Farmcrest Organic Chicken, with rich black boudin blanc, and Vancouver Island Perigord truffle jus. Such a rich and deep delight for the senses. And the rich red that was paired alongside the dish only added to body of intensity, and the desire to take a moment to linger and enjoy.


To finish the meal, a perfectly proportioned Toasted Coconut Black Truffle Cake. Sheer delight, created with caramelized white chocolate, a surprisingly lovely white truffle ice cream, and clementine marmalade. And just when guests couldn’t have been more satisfied, a finale of Truffled Chocolate Truffles were brought to enjoy.


The truffle market within the city has certainly grown in essence, as more and more varieties are popping up and being discovered for the very first time. However, certainly not an easy feat is finding such tiny treasures, and so often, excursions, even those conducted by the most trained eyes and noses, may end fruitless. A true practice of passion and patience is required, but with stunning results, as we saw, as two trained humans, along with their four-legged champions were to be thanked for the bounty of delicacies that floated throughout the dining experience that evening.  


For the chase for gold has built a bond that goes beyond the luxurious morsels, but a beauty found in relationship of seeking and finding, understanding, respect, and a forever bond. And with each bite, a moment to ponder the reason and work that went into the end results of enjoyment; a reason to savour. With a true lesson in respect and dedication to our expansive and rich land, and we, the inhabitants that are so fortunate to populate it. 

A special thanks to Dexter for his surprise appearance for the evening. It was certainly a highlight, and please visit the Truffle Association of British Columbia to find out how you can support our local commercial truffle industry.


Sarah & Luis