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Eat well and feel good with soup + salad that is anything but ordinary.


For a city that cares so greatly for nutritional ethics and for health, a place like Field & Social is a most welcomed addition. Located within the downtown area of the city, the restaurant boasts a friendly look and feel, and is quickly becoming a favourite for the professionals who lunch as well as casual drop-ins, tourists and even families.


There are nearly too many elements to appreciate—from the vast open space, to the luxurious marble, easy communal tables, a lengthy window bar, and of course, the reason for the very visit itself: the delicious food.


For all of the poor decision making that can so easily occur due to rapid hunger mid-day, Field & Social provides a truly delicious and healthy alternative—one that never leaves you feeling the desire to reach for that burger. And though we might occasionally delight in street-side hot dogs, knowing that there is a wonderful and healthful option downtown, so easily accessible, will make us think twice before making a hasty and often lackadaisical decision.


Field & Social focuses on carefully crafted salads and warm grain bowls, prioritizing the freshest ingredients—proudly with local produce and seasonal inspiration. The salads are healthy and nutritious, delicious and simple. Dressing are all made in-house, abundant in flavour and balance.


And if you find yourself unable to stop in, with a house full of busy, busy little ones, or that rather important deadline fast approaching within hours, their reasonable delivery service is certainly one to save the day.


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