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This is the homepage section of When They Find Us. We are independent hyperlocal online publication focusing on business, design, and culture in Vancouver. We highlight some of the brightest people, places and ideas within these realms, with great respect and an appreciation for intelligence and creativity, and its impact upon the city, and the world.

The Tumblr feed of contemporary art come to life.


The Vancouver Art Gallery is hosting a most progressive, co-curated exhibition by the brilliant minds of renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and Juxtapoz's Editor, Evan Pricco. Juxtapoz x Superflat showcases 30 contemporary artists hailing from a wide range of cities: Japan, Korea, Canada, the U.S. and Europe, with an aim to blur the lines between what is considered low and high art. A true mark of our time. 

The featured works have been compiled with artists’ whose practices have been shaped by a variety of widely influential sub-cultures including skate, surf, graffiti, street art, comics, design, illustration, painting, and digital and traditional arts. And as you walk from room to room, the exhibition feels as if it is meant to offer the audience a unique feeling of scrolling through an exceptionally well-curated and art focused Tumblr feed. 

Amongst the favourites was certainly “The Death of Marat” by He Xiangyu, in which a life-size sculpture of Ai Weiwei, dressed in an immaculate suit, was positioned laying face down on the floor, presumably dead. As Ai Weiwei’s heavily politicized gestures are often controversial and outspoken, this piece isn’t a far cry from what could be a strife reality—creating such provocative and thoughtful works while "big brother" is no doubt watching you. Certainly a site to see, and one that alarmed residents of a small German town, who were sent into panic after mistaking a statue of Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei for a real body. Surely a testament to the artists' favour and mind. 

Running from November 5th to Febuary 5th at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  

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