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Re-focus on fitness with a new body language of what it means to have a gym pass.


The first location in Vancouver and third in Canada. An architectural delight consisting of two grand stories, located within our city’s bustling core. A club unabashed and incredibly well receiving, with abundant natural light, combining materials both simple, realistic and noble: concrete flooring, metallic, marble, walnut. Stepping inside, one will discover a reception and the Body Energy Club—a quick spot for a range of health-driven beverages and snacks, as well as an adjacent shop for fitness-oriented apparel. Lounge areas are tucked into areas throughout the main floor to suggest conversation, a meeting point, a resting point.


And throughout the club, there are a variety of dedicated spaces, depending on desire and fitness goals—from an oversized barre studio and perfect boxing space to a well-focused spin room, alluring pilates and cozy yoga studio. Each is well-stocked with all of the necessary additionals—beautiful cabinets to enclose mats, towels, gloves, what have you, with stacks and stacks of freshly laundered, sport-sized towels laid upon marble—always within vision. 


Within the common fitness areas, sections are divided for cardio work, composed to offer great vantage points, and naturally, consisting of state-of-the-art equipment—and certainly, not a shortage of anything and everything one might like to build into the day’s, weeks or monthly regime. Expansive, yet warm. Sexy, yet functional. 


And for the gentler aspects of a visit, a thoughtful washroom and sauna await—complete with hair drying stations, mouthwash, Kiehl's products, and thankfully, more luxurious, hotel-style white towels. In addition, there is also a grand lounge, tucked in behind the staircase, backed by a cozy, linear fireplace, and surrounded by seating areas for moments of repose. A reason to pull out a book before heading out

And despite the relaxed nature of our city, this reputable company has retained a highly designed and immersive space—one to enjoy and re-focus, come rain or shine. And perhaps even those who deem fitness centres under the wings of mere sweat and anchored toil would certainly delight in the embraceable lifestyle aspects and well-considered comforts that have been designed into every inch of the space.


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