Casa Virginia


Photographed by Luis Valdizon
Written by Sarah Vladizon


I so often reflect on shops, on cafés and on restaurants, and wonder how they arrived at their viewpoint. For Casa Virginia, it was the longstanding history of its location in Mexico City, original creation, and namesake that dates back to the 20th century. The area in which it was built had recently been colonized, and called Potrero de Romita, or perhaps better known as Colonia Roma—due to the strong European influence in the construction at the time. The story continues with Mr. Antonio Revuelta Pacheco, who was an entrepreneur originating from Spain, and had purchased the property in order to have a place to stay during frequent trips to Mexico. The property was eventually passed onto his daughter, Virginia Revuelta, and to her daughter, who had been named after her beloved mother…


Prominent and talented chef, Monica Patiño had first opened Delirio on the bustling corner at Monterrey 116, Colonia Roma in Mexico City, and happily convinced an elderly Virginia to rent out the building in its entirety to her and her daughter, Micaela Miguel. Enter Casa Virginia. Opened to the right of Delirio in 2013, the gorgeous 1920’s French Beaux Arts-style home had been turned into a stunning restaurant. Designed by Habitación 116, the interior boasts soaring ceilings and windows, incredible tile work, and hazy white washed walls, trimmed in decorative moulding work. Perhaps, though, the most special aspect of this stunning restaurant is that the look and feel is an overall juxtaposition—that of simplicity and modesty alongside that of which is ornate and fine. The result is a space that feels incredibly welcoming, comfortable, and truly special.

When guests move through the space, entering through a foundation of welcome, one might just feel like they are moving through a home—one where guests can receive the most and enjoy beautiful dishes, made with care.


Creating beautifully composed moments throughout the restaurant, it feels as welcoming and hospitable as the tasteful dishes themselves.


Starting with an exterior that calls elegance by name, there is an easy convergence of beautiful cultures inside, particularly given the history of the building—and the neighborhood for that matter. It is for this reason that Mónica Patiño decided to put forth a restaurant concept that was evocative of the family Sundays of Colonia Roma, in which there was a meeting of both European and Mexican culture. And, honoring the fond memories of her grandmother, family and the food in Colonia Roma, Monica Patiño created a "Roman" menu where the dishes are served at the center of the table—best shared.


Working alongside talented French chef, Corentin Bertrand, the focus for the food is that of a marriage, as Bertrand states—with French techniques and emphasis on local products. Joining with the abundance of Mexico that surrounds, the result simple, seasonal, direct and unpretentious food. This is evident in their awareness of how we consume as people, and their thoughtful desire to work with raw materials and small, national suppliers, as well as creating a rooftop garden to assist in supplying the restaurant.


"It's about sharing
and living around
a good meal.”

—Monica Patiño


Some of the menu is served on pristine white plates, others on black (as shown, left) and while others are served in their same pan in which they are cooked; All of which lends to a feeling of “home” and creates a sense of the human touch that has gone into the dishes. White table cloths dress each table in sophistication, yet more humble, woven chairs lighten the mood instantly. And within this ever-present balance throughout all of the details of the restaurant, we see respect, and more importantly, a voice of its own for Casa Virginia. And one that I dare say Señor Antonio Revuelta Pacheco himself would have been delighted to entertain…


A few additional notations: their beautiful branding, from the logo and signage, to the menus and advertising was completed by Savvy—adding to the value in details and the experience of the restaurant. Also, Mónica Patiño has put out a book if you would like to purchase.

Featured: Casa Virginia, at Monterrey 116, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

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