Written and photographed
by Sarah Valdizon


Tucked in perhaps a more unsuspecting, eclectic area of the city, in the Bowery district, Selrrose has become a considerable New York East side institution for its charming street appeal, fine cocktails and delicious seasonal share plates. It was under a thoughtful recommendation from a very tasteful gentleman that we first learned of Selrrose, and since, it has been one of the first spots that we happily recommend to those asking for suggestions when visiting the city.


The décor and feel is truly its own—with a dash of 20th century Paris here and there, alongside historical New York, with a rustic flair. There are round tables for two filling the majority of the floorspace, with just enough coziness to keep its quaintness. Comforting banquettes add a layer of relaxation to the space. And besides enjoying the cocktails and plates, they eye cannot help but draw towards the textural walls—an intentional measure no doubt, and one that has created artwork in and of itself at every angle.

Outside, the almost chalky grey-blue exterior is met by large-scale blushing pink doors, and elegant inner brass doors that lead way to a very welcoming restaurant. An incredibly elongated, large white marble bar is the main show of the space, backed by a salvaged, crackly architectural pieces, (though perhaps most iconic are the fountains), trailing with silky blush roses; almost alter-like. Surrounded by dozens of bottles, it’s not uncommon to see the bar rather full during the (particularly weekend) evenings, with great music and the most colorful and tasty cocktails passed about, shared, enjoyed—be it if one is in the mood for (natural) wine, a botanically-infused cocktails, or beer.


Most often while visiting Manhattan, for us, it’s a stop in for moody cocktails and an array of dishes for late dinner, (most often beginning with oysters) but our visit for this particular day was for a late lunch/snack of delicious share plates. Frosty temperatures and warm sun were the mood for that day, and truffle fries, with thyme and parmesan were the first on order. Herb marinated olives would follow, as well as (my personal favorite) crispy Brussels sprouts, made with apple and balsamic. With incredibly generous portions, it was the perfect array of delights for two. And if cocktails had been in order for that afternoon (like so many other occasions), it might have been the irresistible Lavender Piscine—made with sparkling, lavender ice, herbes de Provence syrup, grapefruit bitters, alongside The Hunter—a concoction of mezcal, ginger, mesquite honey, lime, grapefruit.


And while you might visit with a full list of restaurants to enjoy while on your trip, a second stop in at Selrrose (we warn) might just occur, and apparently is well, not so out of the ordinary…

Also worth a visit, their lovely café, just next door to the left, serving beautiful coffee, tea, Prosecco, wine and beer as well as a selection of lunch dishes and freshly baked
in-house, pastries.

Featured: Sel Rrose at 1 Delancey St, New York

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