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About WTFU

When They Find Us exists today as an independent digital editorial. Who is us in When They Find Us? Us is an ever-growing collection of stories to be shared—from that wonderful, ever-trusted neighborhood café, frequented nearly daily, to the imaginative and quiet milliner who carefully toils over her treasured hats by hand. When They Find Us is the discovery, the appreciation, and the tribute to those who create and who inspire with their unique point of view. It is the desire to share boldly situated establishments alongside those who quietly tuck away in their studios for hours upon hours creating; To share not only people, places, objects and ideas, but also the stories that lie behind them, and to pass on the very joy it has been in discovering and experiencing them for ourselves.

Through our creative studio, run by two (Sarah and Luis Valdizon), we happily art direct, photograph and write all of our content in-house, and have done the very same for many of our independent and corporate partners over the years, including: Hawksworth, IDS Vancouver, Vancouver Tourism, Westbank, Mosaic Homes, Mark Brand Inc., Equinox, Misch, and Veuve Clicquot.